S132 Jap SM - Hung by Tits & upside down enema

WOW- This is a japanese S&M video that features 8-10 scenes of BEAUTIFUL 18-22 year old japanese women in very strict suspension bondage.. they get whipped, hotwax on tits and ass, most are crying a lot - red eyes and real tears running down their faces , etc. My favorite scene has a woman who looks 18 or 19, she takes a HUGE enema and is suspended upside down and spun around so she is a human fountain squirting water 2-4 feet for over a minute, she took a LOT of water.. and everytime you think she's GOT to be empty, she squirts more... then her master lowers her and spins her so that her hair is dragging in her shit-water!  Another lady is lifted into the air just by her TITS!! She passes out, her master lowers her and wakes her up!!! About 60 minutes, Good to good very good quality, genitals are censored per japanese law, but doesn't distract from the action.
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