Extrem Dehnung (aka -Extreme   Penetrations) - Euro Version    $35.00

Box Front      Box Rear        American Porn Stars getting FISTED!!

Euro action with American stars - Candy Cotton, Bridgitte Kerkove, Billie Brit & Kat Langer.

This is the European version of Extreme Penetrations... audio is in English.  This video shows women using everything they can get their hands on (and in!) to stretch their holes!!  Includes fisting, along with the use of HUGE sausages, baseball bat, lava lamp, rubber fist, cell phones, barbie dolls, You name it - it probably gets shoved in a pussy or ass!
Candy Cotton takes over 20 pencils, sits on a lava lamp, and takes two HUGE sausages for a DP, plus gets fucked!
Billie Brit takes a large dildo, a VERY large white plastic bone, TRIPLE PUSSY PENETRATION (2 dicks and a dildo at the same time!)  a RUBBER FIST, uses her own fist on her ass, gets FISTED and fucked by both guys in her scene!
Bridgitte Kerkove fists her own ass to the wrist! Then takes a BASEBALL BAT UP HER ASS - LARGE END!! She pulls it out licks it off, and shoves it BACK IN!!  Kat Langer takes a large water bottle, computer mouse, and sits on the head of an animal statue before getting thoroughly fucked in the pussy, ass & mouth by two guys!  They finish by having one of the guys FIST her pussy to the wrist!! He even tries to get BOTH fists into her hole, but settles with using one fist, shoving it in and out to get her off!  Perfect quality in original box  $35.00

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Video $35.00

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