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Q: What are the US fisting videos?
A: Many of the US porno companies make videos that have 2 versions, one for the Euro Market that has fisting and/or pissing, and one for the USA that has this stuff cut out... We now have the versions that still include the US porn stars FISTING and/or PISSING!!!

The Euro Versions all play in USA vcr's.. they are in the correct "format" for USA vcr's... The "version" means they have extra action that has been cut out of the videos sold in the USA.

American Fisting Videos!!

BabySitter No.3 - DVD

F107 - Amatuer American Fisting -New lower price

F108 - Amateur American Fisting -New lower price


Extreme Dehnung (Extreme Penetrations)   SOLD OUT
Violation of Jasmine Lynn - 3 fistings and a basebally bat shoved in Jasmine's pussy!  SOLD OUT
These are the ones you've missed out on - sold out or pulled from the market
Buy the others while you can!!
Violation of Audrey Hollander - Anal Fisting    SOLD OUT
Violation of Gia Paloma - Anal Fisting - 2 fists in ass!!    SOLD OUT
***Seymore Butts - Tampa Tushy Fest PULLED from US market!
***The Fist, The Whole Fist, Nothing But the Fist -
PULLED from US market!
***Tushy Girl Lost -
Euro Version -PULLED from US market!

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Video Lists:
Fisting      Asian      Euro Versions     Transexual

These are usually in stock and ship in 1-2 days, if on order, will ship in about 5-8 weekdays.