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S21 - aka Slavesex 7 - A guy and his girl visit a Mistress and her female slave. They play with her tits, asshole and cunt. The girl licks the slaves asshole to get things started, then uses a vibrator in her asshole with the boyfriend watching and helping. He fucks her ass as the girl whips the slaves back, then sucks his cock. The girlfriend gets put in ankle bondage, lifted into the air and eaten by the slave while the guy sticks a toy in her asshole. He pisses onto his gal friends cunt and into the hollow toy that's in her ass and onto the slaves face.He fills one asshhole and one mouth with piss, then makes the slave suck his piss wet cock. The slave gets under the other girl licks her piss wet cunt and asshole as the guy whips his girlfriends back. You can hear the piss gurgle from her asshole as she gets eaten and whipped. The guy and girl whip the slaves back, ass, tits and belly next as she hangs from the ceiling. The slave geta an enema and a butt plug stuck in her asshole, then strap-on fucked by the girlfriend as the guy whips the slaves body. And it's only half over. Much more dirtiness and brutality. Yeah...needles too!!! 60 min.  Quality is good (not perfect, but no problems)  $20.00   .      Click here for Sample Pictures  

S22 - aka Pain 10 - Three sluts join up to play asslicking and cuntsucking games. They use a whip and a strap-on and then are joined by a cruel dominant male. He crops 3 asses and 6 tits, forces some cunt sucking, pierces nipples and tits alike with needles and uses the girls as pin cushions. He makes one eat anothers asshole and then watches as one uses a big strap-on in the others asshole while the 3rd gal whips the one wearing the dildo. A large dildo goes up the cunt of the gal that just got assfucked, then into another one's asshole. All 3 take a  whipping on their tits, then a caning on their tits and asses. Good welts!! More whipping, but this time it's on their CUNTS. Then clothespins on cuntlps and whipping on the 'pins, steel clamps on one's cunt and then a whipping of her tits, thighs and ass. How they give themselves to him for this brutality. And then they thank him!! 60 min.   quality is good...(not perfect, but no major problems)   $20.00   .     Click here for Sample Pictures  

S23 - Same couple as SM5 and probably the hardest video we have... right there with SM2...  The dom male REALLY abuses the sub female's breasts.... puts 2 metal skewers THRU her tit.... nails both tits to a board, nails the board to the wall and canes her very hard while her tits are nailed to the wall!!!  Lots more action... If you like HARD S&M... this is a MUST OWN Video!!!  Video quality is good, but no sound... about 1 hour..   $20.00     .      Click here for Sample Pictures  

SM 24 - aka slavesex 23.  There is very rough ass beatings,suspension,whippings,canings,pulling of the breasts.A very nasty pussy whipping with a leather strap.This woman is writhing in,I guess for her,ecstasy.This woman is suspended and tended to.She has welts all over her body.At one point she is suspended upside down by her feet and hot wax is dripped all over the welts,pins are also stuck in them.The master smacks her welts with a cane while she's still stuck with the pins.He then spits in her open mouth and hangs heavy weights from the lips of her pussy while caning her breasts.At the end of the film he pierces her pussy lips.  Very Good quality... about 60 minutes.   $20.00   .      Click HERE for Sample Pictures. 

SM 25 aka slavesex 16.  A tall, small titted brunette gives herself to a guy and a girl for some whipping, cropping and pain. Her tits are cropped, her ass gets worked over by the girl, her back and ass get repeatedly whipped, she's forced to eat cunt while getting cropped on her back, she gets strapped, spit on, face slapped, nipple clamped and weighted, tit twisted and mangled, tongue slapped with a crop, cunt spanked, tit caned, whipped by both again, bridle gagged and pony ridden, whipped on her ass and back, welted, reddened, tit whipped and caned. Put onto a stirrup table, cunt cropped, tit cropped, weights hung frpm her pierced cunt lips and cropped some more. She gets used, abused, made to sob & cry and takes it like a trooper. 57 min. quality is mostly good, sometimes fair+.  $20.00     .     Click HERE for Sample Pictures.  

S26  (aka needle sex slave)    Cute slave.. hard face slapping, slave drinks dom females piss, dom spits in slaves mouth.. forces her to eat pussy, canes her, ties her and canes some more... leaves great welts on stomach and ass. Lots of needles in ass and tits, safety pin through pussy lips... more needles in pussy, ass, and thighs - one hour... quality is good. NOTE - this video was previously offered on our site as Sm10, it was removed becuase of a quality problem with our master, but we've aquired a better master....about 60 minutes..   $20.00     .          Click here for sample pics.

S27 - (aka Jap. bondage in belgium) - A tasty looking, small titted slave (not asian) gets tied up by her wrists, then gets ass and cunt whipped. Retied with one leg up and her cunt, tits and thighs get whipped. Tied to an overhead hoist, then lifted in the air with rope laced thru her cuntlips. She gets more ass whipping and cunt whipping, then gets rebound and has her tits, cunt and ass cropped. He puts her into a rope bra and she gets suspended by it and whipped some more. Clothes pins on her tits, belly and cuntlips and NEEDLES stuck into and then pulled out ot her tits several times.  This is a great one for the bondage lovers... the slave is suspended in some very uncomfortable ways, but for short periods of time.... good to very good quality... SEXY slave.... about 60 minutes   $20.00    .         Click here for sample.

S28 - (aka Pain 11) 2 gals serve a guy in a doctors office. They suffer the humiliation of sucking each others pierced and shaved cunts and feel the sting of the whip along with a 3rd gal that joins in. Crops their cunts on an examination table with their legs up in the stirrups, crops their pierced nipples and orders one to take weights and clamps on her cuntlips from her sister slave.All 3 get chained together by their cunt jewelry and then tit whipped. 2 are nipple clamped and chained tit to tit and forced to move away from each other, then the 3rd gal gets the same treatment. The gals buggy whip each others asses, he whips and slaps their tits and slaps their faces, has one gal finger fuck anothers asshole on the table while he whips her tits and then crops her cunt as she takes a vibrator in her asshole. One lays on the table and gets big weights hung from her piercings and whipped as they hang, then he padlocks her cunt. Never ending PAIN in this one!!! Cuntlip piercing-OUCH!! Ass waxing too!  Good quality, 60 min.    $20.00     .       Click here for sample. 

S29 - (aka Hospital S&M)   Blonde mascochist on table in operating room with 3 men in masks, joined by another pretty blonde. Harsh whipping of the new blonde.  Speculum in pussy, dildos in ass, clips and c'pins on cunt and tits, wax and plastic dripped on her hot body as she squirms and fights to get away. Dozens of thumb tacks stuck in her ass and then whipped off. Fisting and self fisting of the first girl.  The main sub girl is then whipped even more by the first girl and all the guys... she's left with a bloody ass, welts and marked up nicely. Terrified all of the time but the men don't quit, and she is very vocal..   Not for the weak !!! Good quality  60min.    $20.00    .         Click here for sample.   102 more pics in member's area - Free Previews HERE

S30 - (aka slavesex 8) - A leather clad mistress torments 2 female slaves.  She forces them to worship her cunt and asshole, boot licking, whipping, clamps, and piercing!!  She uses stinging nettles with thorns on their tits, asses, and cunts.  She hangs weights from their tits and cunt lips.   Both slaves get new cunt peircings to end this video!!  about 60 min. fair to good quality, color is virtually gone, still, a good video.   $20.00   .      Click here for samples   69 more pics in  members area

S31 - (aka Rosie bizarre) - Amateur German S&M.  Cute brunette slave girl is tormented by a male and an ugly female dom.   They use paddles, hands, crops, whips, surgical clamps on nipples, etc....   You can see her tampon string hanging out while they whip her!!  They finish up with needles in her tits.  good quality, about 60 min.  $20.00    .     Click here for samples  

32 (aka pain 39) - Nipple and cunt pierced slave gets caught sucking cock, is taken to a dungeon and made to sit on a board filled with sharp tacks, gets ass spanked, whipped with a cat, weights attached to clit and cunt lip rings. She's whipped on her belly, has weights lifted and dropped to stretch her cunt lips and then gets whipped while weights swing from her sore lips. Weights removed, ass whipped, spanked, needled thru her asscheeks, both tits, then waxed, put in cage and fed cock thru bars and pissed on.. 60 min  good quality.   $20.00    .     Click here for samples    

SM33 - aka Jap Sado 2. This is a bondage video, would not call it S&M as it is pretty light. Still, a good video for those who like to see cute asain ladies in action. This one does have a cute asian. There is sometimes one guy, sometimes two working on her. They use toys in her pussy and ass, have her piss, give her an emema, bondage, her giving one a blow job, and finally one of them fucks her... good quality, no censoring, about 50 minutes.  $20.00      .       Sample 1      Sample 2  

SM34 - aka Pain 18. Another light S&M video. The sub female is cute in her own way... cute, not pretty.. kinda trampy looking.. A guy works on her with several dildos, clamps on nipples and pussy lips, speculum, then they take turns giving each other oral sex. Another guy shows up and takes the first guys place using the same toys for a while. He then uses some needles on her tits and pussy, just a few and barely sticks them in... still, a decent video, just not very hard play. good quality except the color comes and goes. 60 minutes.   $20.00    .        Sample pictures          

SM 35 aka - This one's more like it... really hard whipping and tons of hot wax. The sub female wears a mask through the whole video, but she has a pretty decent body. The master puts her in stocks and whips her ass for quite a while, leaving some good marks. Lays her on a table and puts clothespins all over her pussy, uses a long fireplace kind of match to actually light her pubes on fire!! You can see small flames coming off her pubes each time he takes the match away. Next comes the hot wax. He lays her on the floor with her legs spread in the air with ropes. He uses 4 candles to cover her pussy with wax, and he drips it from an inch or two most of the time. Good quality, 60 minutes.     $20.00     .         Sample 1      Sample 2   38 more pics in member's area - Free Previews HERE

S36 - aka slavesex 36 - A very pretty blonde gets a relentless beating by a nasty Master. This guy is not tapping her, he is BEATING HER ASS HARD!!! She gets her pretty ass spanked over his knee which is brutal. She then gets an even harder paddling on her red ass, and then she is put over a table for another paddling. Then a cropping on her bruised cheeks. He canes her ass and paddles her some more, and then crops her nice tits. She screams and squirms, but he keeps going. He then uses his belt on her raw ass and makes her scream and beg for mercy. He does not quit! He ties her wrists overhead and spreads her cunt, fastens weights to her cunt lips and pulls them down a good two inches. He adds more weights, and then he puts her on her knees and force feeds her his cock to suck. He spanks her cunt and asshole, and uses an electric device on her cunt that hurts her until she screams. Good quality.  60 min    $20.00    .     Sample pics   21 more pics in member's area - Free Previews HERE

S37 - aka Jap sado slaves 6 - An oriental slave girl is totally covered in gold paint, given a syringe milk enema and then has a lit candle stuck in her asshole. Good close-up of her asshole squirting out the milk. Heavy rope bondage, cunt and tits torment, extreme candle waxing on her tits, belly and cunt. A double candle waxing, weighted clamps on her cunt lips, a toy in her cunt and more wax spilled on her cunt lips. She's made to spread her cunt and to piss in a basin that then gets poured back onto her waxed body. She gets a steel spreader bar stuffed in her cunt and force fed cock and fucked! 60 min. Good quality    $20.00    .      Sample pics  

S38 - aka slavesex 14 - Two men are in the dungeon, one hooded. A brunette and redhead in lingerie enter the room. The men chain the women's wrists above their heads and crop their bodies. The redhead has a hot skinny body with big tits.  They crop and cane her tits. The brunette has a hot curvy body and big tits.  They tie her to the wall and whip her ass.  They tie the redhead to the wall and whip her ass and back.   They chain the women's wrist above their heads again and crop their bodies.   They let them down and the redhead sucks the hooded man's dick. The brunette sucks his dick.  The brunette gets her ass and tits caned. The women continue to suck his dick and get caned. The men whip and crop the redhead's body.  The man puts a bit-gag into the brunette's mouth and they chain her wrists to the wall.  He crops her pussy.   They chain the redhead to the wall . They let the slaves down and take off the rope.  One man PISSES into both of their mouths. Good video quality,and crop her pussy and tits. They put tiny clamps on the redhead's nipples and big clips on the brunette's nipples, and attach weights to the clips.  A man ties up each of the women's breasts with rope.  They attach their tits to rope from the ceiling and lift the women into the air until they are hanging by their tits.  They put clips with weights on their lab no sound.  60 min.   $20.00     .        Sample pics

S39 - aka slavesex 21 - A hooded female slave is standing in the middle of the room with her wrists chained to the ceiling. A naked male slave is on his knees with his arms tied behind his back. He crawls over to the female and licks her pussy. The female Dom enters and whips his ass. She makes him stand in the corner. The Dom pulls down the female's bra and rubs her big tits. She puts clothespins on her nipples and pussy. She puts clips with weights onto the female's pussy and whips her body. She lets the male lick the female's nipples. She stands him up and puts a clip on his BALLS. She ties it with rope to the female's labia clips and puts weight on the rope. She whips their bodies. She releases them. She whips their bodies while the male licks the female's pussy. She chains the female's wrists and ankles to the ceiling and raises her so she's hanging in the air. She puts clothespins around her pussy and whips her body and puts clothespins around her tits. She puts clothespins on the male's nose and mouth. She takes the pins off the female and crops her body. She ties her tits up with rope then whips them. She puts NEEDLES through her nipples and in her tits (cover pic). She puts NEEDLES through the male's nipples. She canes the female's tits then whips her body. She puts NEEDLES through the female's labia then whips it. She takes the needles and rope off the female's tits, hangs her upside down, and then whips her body, and especially her bloody tits. 54 min Good quality   $20.00    .       Sample pics   

S40 - aka slavesex 48 - A female slave has her neck and arms locked into a gallow. Her male master is whipping her ass and back. He canes her ass. He pours wax onto her back and canes her back and ass. He whips her ass. He grabs her by the hair and PADDLES HER FACE. He crops her ass and puts a metal spreader into her pussy. He stick the crop into her pussy. He whips her back and ass. He loosens the hinges on the gallow and lowers it to the floor so she is now on her knees. He whips her ass and pours wax on her ass. He stands over her, and with a long single whip, whips her ass hard. He brings over a stool with a dildo on it and makes her suck it while he canes her ass and back. He takes a big twisted candle and fucks her with it. He holds it in her pussy while he paddles her ass (cover pic). She's lying on her back on a table and her wrists and ankles are chained to the table. The master is whipping her stomach with the single stranded whip. He wraps the whip around her neck and sticks the handle into her pussy. He spits in her mouth and paddles her stomach and tits. He puts the metal spreader in her mouth and opens it. He spits through it. He puts the spreader into her pussy and opens it. He STUFFS SUGAR CUBES INTO HER PUSSY and then squirts water in. He lights a candle and DRIPS WAX ONTO HER PUSSY. He shoves the lit end of the candle into her pussy! He takes the spreader out. HE PUTS NEEDLES THROUGH HER CLIT AND LABIA. He puts a few into the inner sides of her ass. He puts needles through her nipples and in her breasts. HE PUTS NEEDLES THROUGH HER EYELIDS! He pulls the needles out. He unchains her wrists, lifts her up a bit, then chains them to her ankles. He gets a bucket a tube and gives her an enema. He takes the tube off the bucket and sticks it in her mouth and makes her suck out the juice. He stands on a stool and pisses on her face 60 min.  Good quality    $20.00    .      Sample pics  

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